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Fronie Gleaves has suffered non-heling foot ulcers for over 5 years.  She had sought help from several doctors in the Sacremento, CA area with little or no success.  Fronie began treatments at the Neuropathy Institute( Coeur d'Alene)in July 2003 and has experienced reversal of symptoms and the non-healing ulcers are markedly improved as evdenced by the before and after photos on the Home page and these serial photos here.   All photos are unaltered and Fronie's feet.

Photos taken on Aug 27, Sept 3, and Sept 14, 2003

Taken Aug. 27 and Sep 20, 2003

Fronie presented with advanced polyneuropathy of both the upper and lower limbs.  She had a 5 year history of unhealed ulcers on the plantar surface of both feet with additional ulcers on the distal aspects of the right toes.  She was unable to walk unaided and experienced moderate to severe pain daily. 
Soon after beginning treatments the ulcers began to heal, the pain and numbness decreased and Fronie started walking around her house without her cane.  Her hands are becomming less numb and she notes an increase in strength. 
Her foot ulcers continue to heal and Fronie reports gradual improvements with time.  She no longer worries that her ulcers will become infected and has reduced her pain medications.